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Stainless steel elbow installation
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Stainless steel elbow installation

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Stainless steel elbow installation

Update:2022-05-09   View(s):37   Keywords :Stainless steel elbow installation
1. Before installation, carefully check the various standards of the stainless steel elbow, whether the diameter meets the requirements for use, eliminate the defects caused during transportation, remove the dirt on the stainless steel elbow, and make preparations before installation.

2. During installation, the stainless steel elbow can be directly installed on the pipeline according to the connection method, and installed according to the position of use. In general, it can be installed anywhere in the pipeline, but it needs to be easy to operate and maintain. Note that the medium flow direction of the stainless steel elbow should be below the vertical valve disc, and the stainless steel elbow can only be installed horizontally.

3. Pay attention to the tightness of the stainless steel elbow during installation to prevent leakage from affecting the normal operation of the pipeline. The bolts of the stainless steel elbow valve packing gland should be tightened evenly, and should not be pressed into a skewed state, to avoid bumping and hindering the movement of the valve stem or causing leakage.

4. The ball valve, globe valve and gate valve of stainless steel elbow can only be fully opened or fully closed when in use, and should not be used to adjust the flow, to avoid the sealing surface being washed away and accelerated wear. Gate valves and upper threaded globe valves have reverse sealing devices. Turn the handwheel to the upper position and tighten it to prevent leakage of media from the packing.

5. Handwheel should be used for stainless steel elbow, do not use a lever or other tools to avoid damage to valve parts. Turn the handwheel clockwise to close, and vice versa to open.