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Standard Classification of Spiral Steel Pipe

Update:2016-11-09   View(s):1464   Keywords :
1,SY5036-2000, which is mainly used to transport oil and natural gas pipelines, is used to carry the pressure fluid;

2,Spiral seam high frequency welding steel pipe SY5038-2000 for bearing fluid conveying, high frequency lap welding method for welding, high frequency welding pipe of spiral seam for conveying fluid. The steel pipe has strong bearing capacity, good plasticity, easy for welding and processing;

3,Low pressure fluid conveying, submerged arc welded steel pipe with spiral SY5037-2000, using double-sided automatic submerged arc welding or welding method made for SSAW pipe water, gas, air and steam conveying low pressure fluid.

4,The common standard of spiral steel pipe is generally divided into: SY/T5037-2008 (standard, also known as the common fluid pipeline with spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe, GB/T9711.1-2008 (GB), also called industrial oil gas transportation pipe technical delivery conditions - Part 1: steel pipes (strict GB/T9711.2 grade B steel tube), API-5L (American Petroleum Institute), also called line pipe; which is divided into PSL1 and PSL2 two levels) and SY/T5040-2008 (with spiral weld steel piling pipe)

5,SY/T5037-2008 is the oil ministry set standards are generally called targets

6,GB/T9711.1-2008 national spiral pipe, petroleum and natural gas transmission pipe, Grade A

7,Low pressure fluid conveying tube with spiral seam high frequency welding (SY5039-2000) is a hot strip roll billet, often temperature spiral forming, welding for low pressure liquid delivery pipe with spiral seam high frequency welding with high frequency welding method.

8,With spiral weld steel piling pipe (SY5040-2000) is a hot strip roll billet, often temperature spiral forming, using double-sided submerged arc welding or made of high frequency welding, used in the civil construction structure, piers, bridges foundation pile with steel pipe.