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Steel pipes would be our support in our daily life
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Steel pipes would be our support in our daily life

Update:2017-11-10   View(s):1066   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Holding on the steel pipe on the bus in the morning when I took a bus for office, I wondered that how convenient when we have car. Of course, thanks to steel products, like ERW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, we can enjoy this happy life. As we all know that steel has been used widely everywhere with the advanced technology.


Agriculture industry: Whether you choose LSAW steel pipes for water transportation or diesel engine, there is no doubt we have connection with steel.

Solar: The pillar supporting the solar engine would be made by galvanized steel pipe is necessary. Of course, we can see steel in here has played an important role in converting solar energy into hot water too.  

Traffic industry: Whether cars or railways, there is shadow for steel as well as steel pipes around them.

Wind: How could we forget steel when we talk about onshore and offshore wind turbines as it is main original material applied in the machine. It seems like the components of a wind turbine is made by steel.


No matter where we are, we cannot leave without the steel as it is our princess!


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