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Structural Steel Shape Piling Pipe
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Structural Steel Shape Piling Pipe

Update:2017-04-26   View(s):1418   Keywords :Piling Pipe,SSAW steel pipe,welded pipe,LSAW steel pipe
Piling pipe are also designed to transfer structural loads through the foundation to soils below. Where H-Piles are typically classified as point bearing, Pipe Piles are most efficient as friction piles. Pipe Piles have substantial surface area that interacts with the surrounding soil to provide great frictional load resistance.
Piling pipe are also used in conjunction with sheet piles to add lateral stiffness and bending resistance where loads exceed the capacity of sheet piles alone.
Threeway steel sells ERW (Electric Resistance Weld Pipe), DSAW (Double Submerged Arc Weld Pipe), and Spiralweld pipe pile in a wide variety of sizes and lengths.
ERW piling pipe
Electric Resistance Weld (ERW) pipe is manufactured through individual sheets or from rolls of skelp. It is normally produced in sizes from 2 3/8" to 24".
DSAW piling pipe
Double Submerged Arc Weld pipe (DSAW) is created through a welding process in which the welding arc is immersed in flux at the time of welding. Double welds (both inside and outside the pipe) are required to manufacture this pipe, and generally each weld is completed separately. DSAW pipe is normally produced in sizes from 24” through 48” OD and wall thicknesses from .312" through 1".
Spiral weld Pipe
Spiral weld Pipe has a joint running along it's entire length in a spiral form. Due to the manufacturing process, a wide variety of diameters can be produced. The length range is infinite and is determined only by the customer's transportation budget.

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