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Summary of CEO in November

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However,in front of 2015, it is a big challenge for us. For now, our challenge now is double; On the one hand, economic rights speed slow. On the other hand, from the marketing, research and 
development, production, logistics, and the impact to the enterprise management.

Five tips for double difficulties in 2015 as below:
The first is to have a sense of crisis.
The second is to attach importance to quality of enterprise management.
The third is to improve the innovation ability.
The fourth is to culture being the unique business model.
The fifth is to fully embrace the mobile Internet.

Talk on November 19, 2015, President enterprises should focus on, insist on, to have passion, want to believe oneself can create unique value for customers, believe that you can do different things.  Study on November 19, 2015, general manager of marketing director of six kinds of capability: a, performance ability: required to clinch a deal, and get the performance;B, team ability: manage the 
sales team;C, the ability of system: through the inspection, the motivation and mechanism, the team has good performance;D, the market capacity: can open new markets;E, the ability of product: the 
product design for the front end customer involvement, the back-end output for profit, and sell the strategy;F, management ability: the ability of daily operation and management team.

Head of afternoon tea, on November 21, 2015, management need to be honest, this is the quality of the managers should have, if managers cannot give their rules, through their own precept to 
influence and to help others, that is not the manager, as much as a foreman;Reason is the director, care and discipline, is to give others, this needs to be transparent and tolerant, forgiving and 
rules and to make others not wrong.To manage others people must first be able to manage yourself.

Business forefront on November 22, 2015 study found that: the salesman really spend looking for customers to interact with customers in less than 30% of the time, are busy for another understanding of criteria and offer, because the proficiency, caused the newcomer hurry-scurry, pressure, unable to focus on to achieve results.We can through the following four way to help our new staff faster access conditions: a, filtering goal: main high success rate, inquiry, set up new self-confidence.Best can help him to communicate with customers, help them hone negotiating skills.B, work order: to help the priority of the new business subordinates from hand work, guide them the spend much energy on each work, avoid waste too much energy on minor issues.C, give time to guide: timely remind them properly assigned various tasks of work time.C, helps to set goals: discussions with new colleagues has the certain difficulty, but without goals cannot achieve.Guide them slowly across a comfort zone, step by step toward higher performance.

HR BBS on November 19, 2015, in the customer economy era, should allow customers to check staff on a line, let the frontline staff appraisal management.

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