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Testing device for steel pipe
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Testing device for steel pipe

Update:2017-11-27   View(s):622   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe   

An automatic hydrostatic testing device suitable for piping and casing is introduced to Sara recently by one of my friends who have worked in steel pipes industry for almost ten years. And as supplier of steel pipes, like seamless steel pipe now, I’ve figured out how important to have a test before the negotiation with customers.


Generally speaking, thread gluing is a common failure of oil piping found during manufacture and operation. So how do we deal with this trouble? First of all, texting devices would be a nice option to guarantee the quality. For example, high precision instruments would be widely used for oil industry to measure the monomial parameters of taper, pitch and height screw for oil pipe, canola and drill shank. We would reduce the risk for various steel pipes after we have these basic testing. Of course, reparing would be another step too. As we all know that tube-lathe is mainly used as processing the petroleum pipeline screw thread andrehabing the original pipeline screw thread.


We can supply high quality steel products for customers since we have these powerful testing device.

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