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The Applications of SAWH

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SAWH Steel Pipe,as the name implies,is a steel pipe that has a seam running its entire length in a spiral form.
In the past,due to the method of manufacture,SAWH Weld Pipe was relegated to low pressure and structural applications.With the development of the Submerged Arc Welding process,the production of large hot rolled coils of sufficient width and the development of dependable non-destructive testing methods,it is now possible to produce SAWH Weld Pipe for high-pressure service.
Prensent SAWH Weld Pipe mills consist of a de-coiling deviceor a plate preparation tabel a strip connecting welder,strainghtening rollers,edge preparation tools,prebending devices,a three roller bending and cage forming system,an internal welder,an external welder,ultrasonic testing apparatus and cutting devices.
The material passes throngh all these production stages continuously.The angle between the flat strip being fed into the machine and the finishend pipe leaving the machine controls the pipe diameter in ratio to strip width and the angle of the weld in the pipe.
Because of the method of manufacture,a wide variety of diameters can be produced.The diameter tolerance is small,particularly with regard to ovality,and the pipe,due to its axial symmentry,has an inherent strainghtness.The length range is infinite and is controlled only by the economics of transportation.
SAWH Weld Pipe is used for dredging,slurry,water and other pipelines,as well as piling and structural application.
SAWH Weld Pipe is produced in accordance with the dimensional and tolerance requirements of various ASTM,AWWA,and API spcifications.

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