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The price of Spiral steel pipe, ERW steel pipe and LSAW Steel pipe strong gains, detonate market

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Opening on the first day of November, the steel price of most strong steel mill steel factory continue to pull up, spiral steel pipe, 3 PE anticorrosive coating spiral pipe, large diameter spiral pipe, double-sided submerged arc spiral welded pipe, ERW steel pipe,LSAW steel pipe and other products prices are raised. Flying start in early November, does it presages off-season does not light in November?
First ,high steel cost
Review of October rally, one important reason is represented by coke raw material prices continued to rise, the cost of steel high spot for offer high provides a relatively solid foundation.
According to research, on the other hand, the national building materials steel blast furnace capacity utilization is 80.3% at present, the blast furnace capacity utilization rate is 70.4%, is still at a relatively high, reflecting the steel mill in a short period of time will still have strong demand for raw materials. And along with the finished material continue to rise, also continues to rise in the price of scrap steel, raw material rises, the overall steel mills also shows no sign of large-scale production cuts in the short term, the high cost of steel price support is still relatively strong.
Second, the influence of the steel plant policy
1, the national most spiral steel pipe,, 3 PE anticorrosive coating steel pipe, large diameter spiral pipe, DSAW steel pipe, welded pipe and other products significantly raised ex-factory price, the market to boost the effect is very obvious. And steel mills in the extent of the increase 100 yuan/ton, in the market to accept the critical value, it is acceptable in the market, not the other markets from point of view, to the market to a certain extent, drew a look within easy reach of the pie, to stimulate the enthusiasm of market.
In east China is currently in the national steel price depressions, anhui, jiangsu, fujian, shandong and other places of steel mills to south China, southwest and other places more shipments, the supply end of the east China area stress is relatively small.
Three, inventory data to change direction
According to the author, the recent steel stock continues to decline, the late steel price pressure is low. Dominate the market in zhejiang province, hangzhou's stock market is also continued to decline, the current 427200 tons of rebar inventories, including pledge remove about 80000 tons of resources, the overall inventory relatively normal, market inventory pressure is not big. But is alarming, according to statistics, only in hangzhou building materials inventory reduced 18300 tons, compared with a national thread, wire total inventory levels over the same period of last year for the first time this year, indicated that the recent market direction will change?
Forth, falling demand
From the monitoring data show that since the middle of October, volume data is reduced, the downstream demand began to weaker. On steel prices rose in early October a powerful support is to clinch a deal the data better. Volume surged in early October, it now appears that the biggest possibility is part of the market demand is suppressed, in September to October, the other is after the National Day holiday is concentrated inventory demand downstream. Demand off-season better be falsified.
Fifth, the bad effect ofweather and temperature
Now in November, look from the season is winter, in the traditional sense of the demand of season. Downstream terminal operation in winter time is predictable, the amount of the purchase of building materials is also weakening, late end demand weakening big probability event was predictable.