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What is a section steel?
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What is a section steel?

Update:2019-08-28   View(s):1195   Keywords :section steel, square section, angle steel
Steel is divided into four categories, namely: plate, tube, type, wire. Steel is one of these four categories. Our daily steel is divided into simple section steel and complex section steel according to the shape of the section. Our well-known 304 stainless steel plate can also be a type of steel. Below we introduce the four common types of steel.

1. The section steel of general square section, which we call square steel, is mainly divided into two categories: cold rolling and hot rolling. In terms of size, the side length of hot rolled square steel is 5-250mm, and the length of cold drawn square steel is 3 -100mm.

2. The round section steel is called round steel and is divided into three categories: cold rolling, forging and cold drawing. The diameter of hot rolled round steel is 5-250mm, and the diameter of cold drawn round steel is 3-100mm. The progress of size is generally better. high.

3, flat steel can be used directly as finished steel, can also be used for welding or stacking thin plates, the size is generally 12-300mm wide, thickness 4-60mm.

4. Angle steel is divided into equal angle steel and unequal angle steel. The angle steels currently produced are indicated by 2-20.