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What is the main purpose of the spiral tube?
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What is the main purpose of the spiral tube?

Update:2019-05-13   View(s):86   Keywords :ssaw steel pipe, welded steel pipe, spiral welded pipe   
A spiral tube, also called a spiral steel tube or a spiral welded tube, is formed by winding a low carbon structural steel or a low alloy structural steel strip at a certain angle of a helix (called a forming angle) into a tube blank, and then welding the tube seam. It can produce large diameter steel pipes with narrow strips. The spiral pipe has single-sided welding and double-sided welding. The welded pipe shall ensure that the hydraulic pressure test, the tensile strength and the cold bending performance of the weld are in compliance with the regulations.
Spiral steel pipe itself can be used for piling, support, bridges, and high-altitude billboards.
Spiral steel pipe processing can be used for heat preservation, district heating, thermal network laying, power plant steam transportation.
Spiral steel pipe is processed into anti-corrosion, tap water pipe, buried sewage pipe