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What are the advantages of using a 3PE anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe
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What are the advantages of using a 3PE anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe

Update:2024-02-21   View(s):161   Keywords :straight seam steel pipe, 3PE steel pipe, anti corrosion steel pipe
3PE anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe is made of three layers of polyethylene or polypropylene wrapped around the outside of the steel pipe. Commonly used base materials include spiral pipes, seamless pipes, straight seam steel pipes, and galvanized steel pipes. Among them, galvanized steel pipes have a long service life. The corrosion resistance is good because the steel pipe itself is galvanized. Regarding the uses of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes, many people only know one but not the other. Its effects cover a wide range of areas.

It has excellent applicability for water supply pipelines in sprinkler and watering systems. Cable protection sleeves for power, communications, highways, etc. It is suitable for pipelines such as water supply in high-rise buildings, heating network heating, tap water projects, gas transportation, and underground water transportation. Process pipelines for transporting corrosive media in petroleum transportation pipelines, chemical pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, and other industries. Sewage treatment discharge pipes, sewage pipes, and biological pool anti-corrosion projects. Agricultural irrigation pipes, deep well pipes, drainage pipes, and other networks, etc.

Anti-corrosion structure of 3PE anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe: anti-corrosion form of the outer wall of the steel pipe. In actual operation, the three materials are mixed and integrated into one, and after processing, they are firmly combined with the steel pipe to form an excellent anti-corrosion layer. Its processing methods are generally divided into two types: winding type and round die covering type.

3PE anti-corrosion generally consists of 3 layers of structure:
A layer of epoxy powder (FBE>100um)
Second layer adhesive (AD) 170~250um
Three layers of polyethylene (PE) 2.5~3.7mm

3PE anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe coating (three-layer polyethylene anti-corrosion coating) is a new product that cleverly combines the 2PE anti-corrosion layer in Europe and the widely used epoxy powder anti-corrosion steel pipe coating (FBE) in North America. Anti-corrosion steel pipe coating. It has been recognized and used around the world for more than ten years.

The coating of 3PE anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe is that the bottom layer is in contact with the steel pipe surface and is an epoxy powder anti-corrosion coating, and the middle layer is a copolymer adhesive with branched structural functional groups. The surface layer is high-density polyethylene anti-corrosion coating.

3PE anti-corrosion coating combines the high impermeability and high mechanical properties of epoxy resin and polyethylene materials. So far, it is globally recognized as a pipeline anti-corrosion coating with good effectiveness and good performance and has been used in many projects.