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What is the process of sawing a spiral steel pipe
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What is the process of sawing a spiral steel pipe

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What is the process of sawing a spiral steel pipe

Update:2022-04-11   View(s):309   Keywords :What is the process of sawing a spiral steel pipe
After a series of treatments such as forming, welding and cooling, the spiral steel pipe still needs to be sawed. In this link, the length of the technical spare ruler directly affects the quality and sales of the finished welded pipe, so the length of the spare ruler should be controlled within (+5 mm). Furthermore, in practice, employees must strictly adhere to the following rules:

Supply power to the control cabinet first, then turn off the automatic switch inside the control cabinet. At the same time, the power switch of the console is closed and the computer is started. Then, turn off the unloading start button, move the inner and outer control buttons of the uniform power cabinet to the outer position, and move the direction button to the direction position. Then press the step power start button and the saw blade motor start button to start working. At this time, the welding pipe sawing operation menu prompt appears on the computer display screen, and the staff can use manual, simulation, automatic, and setting tools according to the prompt.

Before running the equipment, check to make sure that the compressed air pressure is maintained at 0.6Mpa, and use the manual button to check whether the saw cylinder and brake cylinder can move. Before the operation, use hand tools to stow the flying saw trolley to the zero switch, and the trolley will automatically zero. When the welded pipe head exceeds the speed measuring roller, the closed speed measuring roller can be operated by pressing the button and pulse coding.

If you need to keep running automatically, you should press the start button on the keyboard and the flying saw will run automatically and repeat. Then, press the stop button to stop the working program, so that the flying saw trolley sawing the welded pipe is completed, and then return to the zero position and remain unchanged. To change a tool, even if the main menu appears on the computer display, press the reset key of the keyboard, then the key to select the tool and change the setup parameters.

It should be noted that if the spiral steel pipe unit needs to be shut down for a long time, the stepper power supply should be turned off first, and the saw blade motor should be stopped to save energy. At the same time, the quality of the working pulse of the speed measuring photoelectric encoder should be checked regularly to prevent the encoder from being hit or immersed in water. According to the different specifications of the spiral steel pipe, adjust the position of the flat-end tool and the shape of the cutting edge in time. The end face behind the flat end of the steel pipe should be smooth and flat, meeting the technological requirements.