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What is the use of spiral steel pipe
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What is the use of spiral steel pipe

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What is the use of spiral steel pipe

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Spiral steel pipe is a long strip of steel with spiral seams, mainly used in the following aspects:

Conveying liquid or gas: Spiral steel pipe can not only transport tap water, natural gas, and other media at normal temperature, but also transport high-temperature and high-pressure thermal transmission media, such as hot water, steam, oil, etc.
Building structure: Spiral steel pipe can be used in the support of buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc., as a load-bearing structure
Petrochemical industry: Petrochemical companies usually use spiral steel pipes as the inlet and outlet of storage tanks to facilitate the transportation of liquid and gaseous substances from the storage tanks.
Steel structure manufacturing: Spiral steel pipes can also be used as raw materials for steel structure materials to be made into steel members of various shapes, such as cylindrical and conical steel pipe columns, steel plates, steel beams, etc.
Pile foundation construction: In the field of civil engineering, spiral steel pipes can be used as pile body materials in pile foundation construction, and are widely used in foundation engineering of bridges, docks, tunnels, and other buildings.
Mining and coal industry: Spiral steel pipes can be used as essential materials in coal mine ventilation equipment, underground water pumps, mine roadways, and supports.
River management: In terms of river management, spiral steel pipes can be used as basic materials for culverts, drainage holes, and pollution-stopping facilities in water conservancy projects.
Ocean engineering: Due to the strong corrosion resistance of spiral steel pipe, it is also widely used in ocean engineering. For example, it can be used as a material for offshore oil and gas transmission pipelines, support columns for offshore platforms, subsea immersed tubes, etc.
Garbage treatment and environmental protection industry: Spiral steel pipes can be used as pipelines for landfills and sewage treatment plants and for the treatment of waste gas and wastewater in the chemical industry.
Other fields: Spiral steel pipes can also be used in roofs and suspension structures of buildings such as railway stations, airports, stadiums, and exhibition halls, as well as water supply and drainage pipes for municipal engineering.