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Which grade steel ranks in best-seller?
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Which grade steel ranks in best-seller?

Update:2017-10-24   View(s):1445   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Discussion among book lovers would be “This book ranks first on the list of best-sellers.”. As steel pipes manufacturer, like seamless steel pipe, we would pay more attention to the steel rank in the market.


Let’s play a game first.


Question: Can you leave the steel nowadays?


Can you throw away your iphone for one hour if your answer is “Yes”? I believe you would angry with me if I take away your phone. We know the chances are zero if a product nowadays is made without the join of steel. Even for steel pipe, we can see the huge market nowadays with the booming of multifarious engineering project.


Whether you are working in small workshop or big factory-based robotic machinery enterprise, there is no doubt that you have to based on steel for your work. In construction, cranes, drills, bulldozers, scaffolding and reusable and portable shelters used on construction sites are made by steel or steel pipe nowadays. That is the strong power for steel!


For example, from hoes, shovels and forks to irrigation system in agriculture nowadays, steel products like steel pipe play an important role during the whole working process. It would make our speed improve under the help of steel equipment not just the human labor.


Technology brings us convenience during the advancement of life, and steel products give us this chance to have a better future too.