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Why does precision steel pipe production need pickling
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Why does precision steel pipe production need pickling

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Why does precision steel pipe production need pickling

Update:2023-02-20   View(s):88   Keywords :Why does precision steel pipe production need pickling
The role of pickling passivation in the process of prefabrication, welding, testing, and heat treatment, will make the surface of the steel pipe (carbon steel pipe, carbon copper pipe, stainless steel pipe) accumulate iron oxide, welding slag, grease, and other dirt so that the corrosion resistance of the pipe Variety. Pickling is a chemical de-rusting method: dilute acid de-rusting is mainly to remove metal oxides on the surface of stainless steel pipes for oxygen. For ferrous metals, it mainly refers to iron oxide, which is to make these metal oxides chemically react with acid solution and dissolve in acid solution, to achieve the purpose of rust removal. Before pickling and de-rusting, the grease on the pipe wall of the stainless steel pipe should be removed first, because grease prevents the pickling solution from touching the pipe wall. Affect the rust removal effect. For oil-free pipelines (such as stainless steel pipelines for oxygen), degreasing must first occur. Pickling refers to the use of pickling solutions such as sulfuric acid to wash off the oxide layer and dust on the workpiece. The role of cleaning the surface Phosphating is a treatment method.