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China Crude Steel Daily Output Hits New Record in June
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China Crude Steel Daily Output Hits New Record in June

Update:2017-07-21   View(s):502   Keywords :china steel,carbon steel pipe.lsaw steel pipe   
We are a professional manufacturer of ssaw steel pipe,carbon steel pipe,erw steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe and other products.According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics,China produced 73.23 million tonnes of crude steel in June, up 5.7 per cent on a yearly basis, and YTD output grew by 4.6 per cent to approach 420 million tonnes.

China’s daily output of crude steel was 2.44 million tonnes in June, a new record high, and calculating on the data, the annualized output in theory is estimated to reach 890 million tonnes, far higher than market expectation. 

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Output is down slightly in July based on data available. Daily output of crude steel at members of China Iron & Steel Association (CISA) was 1.85 million tonnes during the first ten days of the month, down 17,000 tonnes or 0.91 per cent from the previous level, and the nation’s daily output is estimated at 2.34 million tonnes during the same period, down 13,400 tonnes or 0.57 per cent. 

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Chinese government has taken a series of measures to crack down illegal steel capacities, and plan to eliminate all “Ditiao Steel” before June 31, a Chinese name for low-quality steel produced in intermediate frequency furnace with steel scrap as raw material, as well as rolled steel products produced with such steel as raw material.