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Comparison of ERW Steel pipe and LSAW Steel pipe
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Comparison of ERW Steel pipe and LSAW Steel pipe

Update:2017-07-17   View(s):311   Keywords :lsaw steel piepe,ssaw steel pipe,carbon steel pipe   
The ERW steel pipe and LSAW steel pipe used for transporting oil, gas and vapor liquid object, can meet the requirements of high and low pressure various, currently in the field of conveying pipe in the world occupies a pivotal position.

ERW pipe is "high-frequency resistance welding steel tube", unlike ordinary welded pipe welding process, welding seam is composed of steel belt ontology of parent metal melting and mechanical strength than the general welding control. "LSAW steel pipe is the main technique straight seam submerged arc welding steel pipe features: 

1.Steel tube forming process, the steel plate uniform deformation, residual stress is small, the surface does not produce scratches. Processing of steel pipe diameter and wall thickness of the steel pipe size range, more flexibility, especially in the production of high grade thick wall steel tube, especially in large diameter thick wall pipe has incomparable advantage over other process, can satisfy the requirement of users in the steel pipe specification more.

2 .Use in the process of the internal and external welding (welding) after welding process, can be in the best position for welding, is not easy to appear the wrong side, partial and incomplete fusion welding defects, such as easy to control the welding quality. 

3.For overall mechanical expanding, can effectively improve the size precision of steel tube, and improve the distribution of stress in steel tube, to avoid due to the damage caused by stress corrosion, is advantageous to the field of welding construction at the same time.

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