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ERW Steel Pipe and LSAW Steel Pipe
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ERW Steel Pipe and LSAW Steel Pipe

Update:2017-07-31   View(s):1463   Keywords :lsaw steel piepe,ssaw steel pipe,carbon steel pipe

ERW steel pipe and LSAW steel pipe are popular used in daily production, transportation and so on, the technique of ERW & LSAW is important in steel industry. 

ERW steel pipes are used in various engineering purposes and Agricultural purposes. The standard of ERW steel pipes are limit, only high-quality, low-carbon steel is used. High performances of ERW steel pipes bring many advantages, high strength corrosion resistance, high deformability, high strength and high toughness.

Resistance welding is applying pressure to the composition steel pieces through the electrode, the use of current through the resistor and the thermal contact surface area surrounding the joint generated by welding. Welded steel technique is use current flowing through the thermal effect on the resistance welding the piece contact surface surrounding region which is heated to produce a molten or plastic state, so as to form a metal bonding method.

Used for low pressure liquid delivery, water, petroleum, natural gas, mechanical processing, petrochemical, transportation etc. The first advantage of LASW welded steel pipe is fully automated; second, the heat exchange and protection of itself relatively high performance, high level quality welding out; further more, the submerged arc welding drugs buried in the bottom, so LASW welded steel pipe can be used high current, high welding efficiency come out.

The second difference is the use of welding, wire bonding is used, because the wire can be continuously sent; Electrodes, we get burn a rod electrode head gave a throw, and the operation was stopped, and then change electrode welding. Changed after the wire, the wire delivery device with a plate and the wire, the wire is continuously sent, this welding wire is fed continuously in a granular fusible flux covering ignition arc welding wire, base material and part of the melting and evaporation flux forms a cavity. The arc is stable combustion in the cavity inside, so call it submerged arc welding. Arc is buried in the inside of the cavity.

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