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seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe

Dongjing viaduct bridge is here

Keywords :seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe        Update : 2017-12-06        View(s) : 1513

With the voice “Dongjing viaduct bridge is here” coming, I jumped out of the bus and looked the big bridge. Thanks to the huge bridge which give our life convenience nowadays. And finally we would consider the steel products like seamless steel pipe  into mind for this benefit. ...

seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

How to reduce steel pipe corrosion

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-12-05        View(s) : 1611

Corrosion would be a big trouble for various steel pipes so that manufacturers are trying to figure out the best way to solve this problem. And for welded steel pipe, like ERW steel pipe , we should pay more attention to it.   What cause the corrosion actually? To some ...

seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe

Spiral welded pipe buying online

Keywords :seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe        Update : 2017-12-05        View(s) : 1562

Internet has changed our daily lifestyle, of course, the most important would be the shopping method for young person. And even for the foreign business between different countries. So does for the spiral welded pipe  shopping online.   So how could we guarantee th...

seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe,spiral steel pipe

Two main methods for preheating in welded steel pipe production

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe,spiral steel pipe        Update : 2017-12-04        View(s) : 1421

It is time for us to start the preheat since manufacturers have known the benefits of preheating for welded steel pipe like the ERW steel pipe . There are two main methods for customers to get today.   Common method is preheating with an open flame from a torch . This ...

seamless steel pipe, steel pipe, spiral welded pipe

Application prospect of spiral welded pipe

Keywords :seamless steel pipe, steel pipe, spiral welded pipe        Update : 2017-12-03        View(s) : 1406

New houses have mushroomed on the edge of the town and new suburbs burgeoned all around the city. At the same time, we can see the application prospect of the spiral welded pipe  with those expansion of engineering project.   Why spiral welded pipe? Due to its safe...

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