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 pipeline routing

Choice of communication pipeline routing

Keywords : pipeline routing        Update : 2020-04-10        View(s) : 73

The construction of communication pipelines generally follows water, electricity, gas, heating, and pollution in urban planning. With the improvement of people's understanding of communication resources and the closeness of the relationship between people and communication systems, communication...

pipe acid passivated

Why is the pipe acid passivated by acid?

Keywords :pipe acid passivated        Update : 2020-04-09        View(s) : 114

It is mainly for steel pipelines, which is prone to corrosion reactions, and there is a certain hidden danger to equipment damage after corrosion. After removing all kinds of dirt such as oil, rust, scale, welding spots, etc., the corrosion resistance of steel can be greatly improved. If...

 steel pipes

Which chemical elements affect the quality of steel pipes?

Keywords : steel pipes        Update : 2020-04-08        View(s) : 111

(1) Nickel (Ni): Nickel can improve the strength of steel, and can maintain good plasticity and toughness. The influence of several main elements in steel on the properties of steel.   (2) Chromium (Cr): Chromium can significantly improve the strength, hardness and abrasion ...

Small Diameter ERW Steel Pipe

Small Diameter ERW Steel Pipe Price

Keywords :Small Diameter ERW Steel Pipe        Update : 2020-04-02        View(s) : 83

API 5L/ASTM A53 GR.B (Small Diameter ERW Steel Pipe) Outside   Diameter   Wall   Thickness   ...

SSAW Steel Pipe

SSAW Steel Pipe Price

Keywords :SSAW Steel Pipe        Update : 2020-04-02        View(s) : 78

API 5L/ASTM A53 GR.B, CARBON STEEL, SSAW STEEL PIPE FOB TIANJIN USD/TON Outside Diameter   外径   (mm) 219 273 324 356 406 ...

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