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The forming technology seamless pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2015-05-17        View(s) : 2309

Large  seamless pipe  forming techniques mainly include: hot spinning method, heat extrusion method, hot piercing rolling method, including preparation of expanding method. The details are as follows: Hot spinning method,It is the flat blank or pre mold...

Stainless Steel Workshop: Controlling Corrosion

Keywords :        Update : 2015-03-20        View(s) : 2157

How do I control corrosion in stainless steel? Corrosion in stainless steel is one of the most troublesome technical concerns for fabricators. Whether localized or widespread, corrosion takes many forms, depending on the particular service environment. Some common types are general co...

Stainless Steel Workshop: Ferritic stainless steels

Keywords :        Update : 2015-03-20        View(s) : 2139

Q: What are the advantages of ferritic stainless steels? When a fabrication requires corrosion resistance and high performance, your foremost concern is its affordability. One metal that can meet this demand is ferritic stainless steel. Grades include AISI type 409, 11CfCb, 430, 436, ...

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