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EU domestic steel scrap prices rose 3% during Dec 2015

Keywords :        Update : 2016-01-17        View(s) : 221

The latest statistics released by the European Association of Iron and Steel (EUROFER) suggest marginal rise in domestic scrap steel prices during December last year. The average scrap prices rose nearly 3% over the previous month. However, the scrap prices were down significantly by almost one-...

Chinese Steel Production

Keywords :        Update : 2016-01-15        View(s) : 1636

China is churning out steel in spite of a slowdown in domestic demand with its surplus powering rising exports. China’s steel exports rose by almost 20% in 2015 to a record 112.4 mmt. To put that in perspective that is enough to meet demand in Germany and Japan for a year and still leave almost ...

Middle East crude steel output dropped 15% in November

Keywords :        Update : 2016-01-03        View(s) : 268

According to most recent data published by the World Steel Association (World Steel), the crude steel production by the Middle East region dropped sharply by 14.7% during the month of November ’15 year-on-year. The region’s crude steel output totaled 2.267 Million tonnes during November this year, a...

China to dump cheap steel with likely export price fall

Keywords :        Update : 2015-12-28        View(s) : 1627

The world needs to get used to cheap Chinese steel, with export prices poised to fall again next year as the biggest producer adjusts to demand that's dropping for the first time in a generation. EconomicTimes - The world needs to get used to cheap Chinese steel, with export prices poised to fa...

List of world top ten steel producing nations during Nov 2015

Keywords :        Update : 2015-12-24        View(s) : 1544

According to latest statistics published by the World Steel Association, the world crude steel output by 66 countries reporting to the Association totaled 126.826 Million tonnes during November this year. The monthly output declined by 4.1% when compared with November last year. These 66 countries a...

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