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Difference between SSAW Steel Pipe and LSAW Steel Pipe on Rupture

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For the ssaw steel pipe, although the result of the tensile test specimens substantially independent of sampling direction, but the test results v Charpy impact specimen was closely related to the sampling direction. When sampling along the rolling direction CVN maximum value when the vertical direction of rolling sample CVN value of the minimum.

The difference between the ssaw and lsaw steel pipe on rupture is that the latter is consistent initiation or expansion maximum driving direction of least resistance (are axially), thus initiation and expansion must be carried along to uranium. But on the contrary, spiral initiation or expansion of the maximum driving direction (to oil) and the path of least resistance (the rolling direction) are inconsistent, so the crack initiation and propagation direction there are two possibilities; one axial vent; two along the rolling direction (ie, spiral weld direction).

The ratio is generally considered the maximum and minimum CVN When three or more can be considered to change the split will be determined from the rolling direction.

In some cases, although spiral fracture initiation is in the rolling direction, and a large crack is extended in the axial direction of the case, in the calculation of crack initiation criterion should still pull the rolling direction into account.