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steel seamless tube

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304L stainless steel seamless tube

Update:2020-05-15   View(s):154   Keywords :steel seamless tube

304L stainless steel seamless pipe is the basic steel type of AUSTENITE series. It has excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. It does not harden after heat treatment and has almost no magnetic difference.


304L features

--Basic austenitic steel grades, widely used;

--Excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance;

--Excellent low temperature strength and mechanical properties;

--Single phase austenite structure, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon


Compare 304 with high corrosion resistance

--Tableware, exterior materials, building materials, auto parts,

--Medical Devices, Chemistry, Food Technology, Fiber Industry,

--Ship parts

--Chemical, coal, petroleum, which require high resistance to grain boundary corrosion

--Construction materials, heat-resistant components and chemical components that are difficult to heat treat