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Mechanical properties of large-diameter steel pipes
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large-diameter steel pipes

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Mechanical properties of large-diameter steel pipes

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1. Tensile strength

The stress (σ) obtained by dividing the strong force (Fb) at the time of breaking by the original cross-sectional area (So) of the sample is called the tensile strength (σb), and the unit is N / mm2 (MPa). It represents the ability of metal materials to resist destruction under the action of tension.


2. Yield point

For metallic materials with yielding phenomena, the stress when the specimen can continue to extend without increasing (keep constant) during the stretching process is called the yield point. If the force decreases, the upper and lower yield points should be distinguished. The unit of yield point is N / mm2 (MPa).

3. Elongation after breaking

In the tensile test, after the sample is broken, the percentage of the length of the gauge length added to the original gauge length is called elongation. Expressed by σ, the unit is%.