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Advantages of threewaysteel’s ERW steel pipe
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Advantages of threewaysteel ERW steel pipe

Update:2017-11-07   View(s):778   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

As supplier of ERW steel pipe, threewaysteel, a big company, can provide clients with welded ERW steel pipe with type of PLS1 including L245 B, L290 X42, L320 X46, L360 X52, L390 X56, L415 X60, L450 X65, L485 X70 and PLS2 including  L245M BM, L290M X42M, L320M X46M, L360M X52M, L390M X56M,L415M X60M, L450M X65M, L485M X70M, L555M X80M.


With so many types of ERW steel pipe, clients can choose the relative quality according different types. So how can we make sure the advantages of different types of ERW steel pipe?


First of all, from the production process of heating, we can get the following information. With short heating time and concentration, there is no doubt that the heat affected area would be small which means that the pressure taking in transporting would be okay. And mortals don’t need to adjust after the heat treatment process so that we can still use this kind of steel pipe for oil and gas transportation.


Metallurgical process’s simple would make this kind of steel pipe have large mass production. With the production process of ERW steel pipe’s surface surrounded by plastic ring and melting metal, this would makes the corrosion resistance would be great during usage. 

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