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Advantages of 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe
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Advantages of 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe

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Advantages of 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe

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Ordinary steel pipes will be severely corroded in the harsh environment of use, which will reduce the service life of the steel pipe. The service life of the anti-corrosion insulation steel pipe is also relatively long. Under normal circumstances, it can use for about 30-50 years. And the correct installation and use can also reduce the maintenance cost of the pipe network. The anti-corrosion insulation steel pipe can also be equipped with an alarm system to automatically detect the leakage fault of the pipe network, accurately know the fault location and automatic alarm.


3PE anticorrosive insulation steel pipe has good thermal insulation performance, and its heat loss is only 25% of that of traditional pipes. The long-term operation can still save relatively large resources, significantly reduce energy costs, and still has relatively strong waterproof and corrosion resistance. And there is no need to attach a pipe trench, it can be directly buried in the ground or water, the construction is simple and fast, the overall cost is relatively low, and it has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance under low-temperature conditions, and it is It can also be directly buried in frozen soil.