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China will Become the Important Power of Globalization
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China will Become the Important Power of Globalization

Update:2017-03-13   View(s):1462   Keywords :Welded Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe
In recent years, in view of the globalization challenge and opposition unabated. China as the world's largest developing country and the second largest economy, has become the important force in promoting globalization.
As a welded pipe, seamless stainless tube,piling pipe, welded carbon steel pipe and production services supplier, Shinstar Group think that promoting global power isn’t man's subjective desire, but the endogenous demand of the market, is the optimal allocation of elements in the global scope.
In the face of a variety of inverse the challenge of globalization, China as the region's largest economy, through the G20, APEC, 10 + 1, 10 + 3, China-Japan-Korea trilateral cooperation and other cooperation mechanism, actively promote trade and investment liberalization, through scheme of China, played an important role in leading and power supply, support and promote global governance structure, make globalization pratt & Whitney and inclusive globalization.
Shinestar Group think, telecommunications, electricity, power grid take the lead to achieve the connectivity, will provide the relevant countries and regions in other areas of connectivity to establish systematic and institutional framework, can make the B&R systemic landing, achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort. All the way through systemic B&R initiative, China will play an important role to build a community of human destiny international new order.
Promoting global capacity cooperation is also one of the important ways to optimize allocation of global resources. In the long run, promoting global cooperation capacity is to promote transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and realize the "made in China" in the global industrial chain extension and layout, the globalization of the realization of the "made in China". Should be combined with the supply side structural reforms and the release of dividends, reducing China's state-owned enterprises and private companies with foreign cooperation capacity, stimulate Chinese companies by speeding up technological innovation and business model innovation, speed up the cultivation with first class international competitiveness of industry cluster, with big companies closer integration in the form of collaboration, many small and medium enterprises to participate the international cooperation capacity, and increase the degree of investment and financing facilitation capacity in co-operation with foreign countries.
About how to combine the global industrial chain, the new trend of value chain reorganization and transformation, encourage enterprises to actively, in-depth to participate in international competition, we believe that both closely with the world advanced manufacturing power, such as Germany's strategy of "industrial 4.0" the United States, such as the strategy for the development of "big data" cooperation and docking; Should also be closely with developing countries, in all kinds of factor endowments such as Africa and the gulf states. In helping in the process of realizing the industrialization of the latter, to build global industrial chain and value chain of "made in China".
Shinestar Group as a base in China, service for global steel mills , will also b produce high quality welded pipe, seamless stainless tube,piling pipe, welded carbon steel pipe and other products, realize the localization of the "made in China" to the "made in China" transformation and upgrading of globalisation.