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Leading the Economic Globalization Into A New Era With Open Development
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Leading the Economic Globalization Into A New Era With Open Development

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Recently, the general secretary xi in the NPC and CPPCC sessions when the review of the Shanghai delegation stressed that China's open door won't shut, insist on all-round opening to the outside world, continue to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation.
As an excellent representative of steel mills, Shinestar group production of SAWH steel pipe, seamless stainless tube, api 5l steel pipe, welded carbon steel pipe, piling pipe, etc. Products are exported to the Middle East, southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and other countries and regions, we believe that the economic globalization is an inexorable historical trend.
Since China's reform and opening up, China adheres to the basic state policy of opening to the outside world, actively promote free trade and build a mutually beneficial and win-win global value chain, cultivating large markets around the world, for the global economy, trade, investment, the increase of leading role, become the important engine of economic globalization. However, economic globalization is a "double-edged sword", both positive role, also some deficiencies. To make the positive effects of economic globalization more released, eliminate its negative influence, must conform to the trend, as actively, promote a higher level of openness.
In China always adhere to the open innovation, and strive to injected innovation power to the economic globalization and world economic growth. Innovation is more than 30 years of reform and opening-up rapid and continuous development of China's economy background. The party constantly bring forth theoretical innovation and practice innovation, system innovation, and other various aspects, adhere to the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, in the spirit of practical continue to deepen reform and opening up. For nearly 30 years, "made in China" to promote the rapid development of global manufacturing, deepened the global industrial division. In the early 1990 s, the added value of China's manufacturing sector accounts for about 1/40 of that the added value of global manufacturing. Now, is close to a quarter of the added value of China's manufacturing sector accounted, many foreign companies also share to China open dividends.
Shared development is also our country as the starting point and foothold of open, trying to make better benefit all countries, the people of all countries in the economic globalization. China committed to let the world in the development of the open more equal opportunities, make development achievements Shared by the people all over the world. For this purpose, China actively pushing forward the construction of the "area" all the way to promote along with the national and regional strategies, market, industry, effective link project, the construction of foreign trade and economic cooperation zones, strengthen the connectivity with relevant countries, promote infrastructure co-construction and sharing, resource sharing, open achievements, efforts to lead the global economy to a new era of connectivity.
As the largest developing country in the world and the second largest economy, China has become an important force in promoting sustainable and healthy development of economic globalization. For the future, our country should adhere to the open development, rich theory with practice, to improve system, open to bear responsibility. Shinestar group will also grasp the opportunities for development, research and development to produce more high-quality SAWH steel pipe, seamless stainless tube, api 5l steel pipe, welded carbon steel pipe, piling pipe and other products, to lead a new era of economic globalization to win-win cooperation.

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