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Construction preparation before welding large-diameter steel pipes
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large-diameter steel pipes

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Construction preparation before welding large-diameter steel pipes

Update:2020-06-28   View(s):13   Keywords :large-diameter steel pipes

large-diameter steel pipes

1. Organize relevant operators to be familiar with construction drawings, rules and regulations, formulate welding procedures, and prepare welding operation instructions.


2. the welder should carry out the training of the corresponding project and have the operation qualification certificate of the corresponding project.


3. Check whether the roundness and wrong-edged quantity of the steel pipe that arrives meet the relevant technical requirements.


4. Check the surface of the metal pipe joints for defects such as scars, cracks, and severe rust.


5. Before installing large-diameter steel pipes, the pipe joints should be measured and numbered one by one. It is advisable to use butt welding of pipe joints with small differences in pipe diameters.


Sixth, welding in windy, rainy and snowy weather, there must be wind, rain and snow shelter.


7. Before welding, make the welder clarify the welding requirements and welding measures.