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Even a steel pipe needs rest
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Even a steel pipe needs rest

Update:2017-12-28   View(s):715   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe   

I'm a steel pipe and I know it is necessary for me to have a rest. Just like anyone else, feeling the heat and feeling the cold would be normal emotion for steel pipes, like seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe and other steel pipes.


As a steel pipe, it follows that any evaluation of a steel pipe's life and a man's life by reference to a common time-scale must result in grievous error. For example, as water steel pipe for transportation of water, human should take care of the rust-proof from water. Thus we may have a long life service. The more the humans show me sympathy with good care, the more I am inclined to forget that I am a steel pipe. As for oil or gas steel pipe, we would think that high quality production process would be an important step for our masters if they want us to have a good service during our work time. There are different materials, different standards, our masters should have a better notice and a good choice for the application we are and find us the right role in our daily life.