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Low pressure spiral welded pipe transforms into high pressure one
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Low pressure spiral welded pipe transforms into high pressure one

Update:2017-12-29   View(s):1056   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, spiral welded pipe

Discussion of steel pipes’ function is here among supplier’s communication meeting recently. What makes Sara impressive is the low pressure spiral welded pipe transforms into high pressure one due to the advanced technology with time goes on.


Spiral welded pipe, with the name of spiral, we know that this is a kind of steel pipe that has a seam rolling around its entire length in a spiral form.

In the past, because of the manufacture's method, this kind of steel pipe can only be produced for low pressure and structural applications. With the improving of technology, the production of large hot rolled coils of sufficient width and the development of dependable non-destructive testing methods, it is now possible to produce Spiral Weld pipe for high-pressure service. For Sara, I think this is not the only one steel pipe for changing. As for ERW steel pipe, some customers would say that this kind of steel pipe cannot used for oil or gas transportation due to the pressure uneven during the whole process. However, with the development of technology, there are lots of methods to deal with this trouble for ERW and it can be applied in oil and gas transportation too. 

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