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Five reasons to choose seamless steel pipe
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Five reasons to choose seamless steel pipe

Update:2018-12-06   View(s):96   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe   

Their production process and materials would be different for seamless steel pipe and welded one. And this would cause the various function for them once apply them into engineering work. Now we can have a view for the reason why choose seamless steel pipe.


First, the outer diameter is smaller. Compared with welded steel pipe, like SSAW steel pipe, due to the special production process, seamless steel tube would have smaller diameter which will benefit for some goods’ transmit.

Second, seamless steel pipe would have high precision, thus, it would decrease the quantities of raw material.

Third, talking about good surface quality of the seamless steel tube, cold drawn would lead to the high precision.

Four, seamless steel pipe cross area is more complex.

Finally, steel pipe has superior performance, relatively dense metal.