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SMLS steel pipe DIN1629-one of seamless steel pipe
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SMLS steel pipe DIN1629-one of seamless steel pipe

Update:2018-12-05   View(s):87   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, steel pipeline   

SMLS steel pipe DIN1629 belongs to carbon steel pipe, one of seamless steel pipe. It is used widely among customers due to its high quality performance. Today, we’d like to talk about the relative test for seamless steel pipe.


Process performance test would conclude flaring test, hardness test and nondestructive testing (including eddy current X-ray and ultrasonic testing). And X-ray and ultrasonic test would not strange for our customers as we discuss every time to make sure the high quality.

How could we forget chemical analysis for steel pipelines? With chemical analysis and composition’s test, we will finally meet the tube’s standard requirements.

Then we will go through the pressure, hydrostatic and corrosion test for seamless steel pipeline. 

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