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How to install stainless steel pipes fittings

Update:2020-07-30   View(s):99   Keywords :steel pipes fittings

1. The arc starting of stainless steel pipe fittings adopts the re-welding method, and the arc closing adopts the method of full arc craters. The arc starting should be completed in the slope, and the arcing and starting of the arc on the surface of the pipe and the pipe fitting bus bars should not be completed. Cracks, pores, etc. be found during the arc starting process, and they must be cleaned up in time.

2. When the stainless steel pipe fittings are hoisted, they should be separated from other metals to avoid direct contact. Can be used to padded wood, rubber, and other non-metallic materials isolation method.

3. The temperature of stainless steel pipe fittings cannot exceed 60 degrees Celsius during continuous welding. When tack welding, the inside of the weld should be filled with argon for protection. It is not possible to use ordinary grinding wheels when cutting, and special grinding wheels for stainless steel pipes or plasma cutting should be used.

4. When connecting stainless steel pipe fittings and non-stainless steel pipes and fittings, the inner and cavity of the pipes and cavities should be filled with argon before the butt joints are welded, and then argon tungsten arc welding can be carried out. The welding seam at the connecting welding port should be pickled and passivated after welding.

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