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Oil Prices Get Boost
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Oil Prices Get Boost

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Oil Prices Get Boost from Stronger US Equities

Update:2020-07-31   View(s):108   Keywords :Oil Prices Get Boost

Oil edged up with support from U.S. equities, but pandemic-driven demand concerns capped the price rebound.


Crude futures of New York managed to close 0.5% higher on Monday, boosted by a stronger equity market. Still, the coronavirus is raging about the globe -- infections flared by a record of Hong Kong, Los Angeles is on the brink of another stay-at-home order and the new rate of people testing positive for the first time in Florida climbed to nearly 15%.


Crude has been stuck in a holding pattern this month as a resurgence of coronavirus cases of various parts of the world proves demand weakness is here to stay for the near-term. Global virus cases are approaching nearly 15 million. The signal that U.S. companies may start ramp up shale production as the OPEC+ alliance prepares to unleash crude back onto the market next month is also adding to the negative sentiment.

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