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Innovation in advanced technology for steel industry
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Innovation in advanced technology for steel industry

Update:2017-11-16   View(s):566   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe   

In recent years, Shinestar adhering to development strategy of innovation-driven with two core tasks. First, product upgrades and structural adjustment led by technological progress are aimed at releasing the equipment's potential like the ERW steel pipe production equipment. The second is a management innovation-led reform initiatives aimed at the release of business vitality, improving efficiency and enhancing competitiveness.


We would like to take the full implementation of the flat structure for production line as an independent market unit changes,which would completely subvert the traditional pyramid-based organizational structure of linear functions, speeding up the "de-administrative" to solve the production line and the market derailed the leadership. Thus, we can comprehensively enhance the market response speed and resource allocation efficiency. It is our responsibility to seriously analyze the profound thinking of the future development trend of the manufacturing industry, a correct view of their own development and identify their own position. Especially in the face of the new situation and new tasks and the external environment, science and planning the next priority. Constantly adhere to the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing", seek new breakthroughs in seeking change, broaden their horizons and broaden their space for development.

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