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Main adoption of alloy steel pipe
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Main adoption of alloy steel pipe

Update:2018-10-11   View(s):159   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe   

In our website, we’ve listed a kind of seamless steel pipe-alloy/stainless steel pipe. Some customers would confuse for this category. Today, we would like to say something about this product.


Alloy steel pipe, containing Cr, is a type of high temperature resistance, low temperature, corrosion-resistant performance tube for each kind of engineering project. And this also leads its function to more extensive usage among the whole world in petroleum, aerospace, chemical, electric power, boiler, military, and other industries.

Talking about its special original materials, it is produced with high quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel and heat-resistant stainless steel material, hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) or cold-rolled (pull) made.