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Steel pipe-spiritual pillar for human being
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Steel pipe-spiritual pillar for human being

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I had never thought it will be my spiritual pillar in one day, until that day, one of my friends talked with me. What makes she say so about seamless steel pipe even the tubes existing in the world working for us?


I just a humble munchkin, working for a small company. I live in a very old and small apartment, I worry about little things every day, for instance, what I should eat every day, how I can cope with the nasty landlady, because I have no money to pay the rent. My life is just haze. I’m very sad every day, sometimes I feel like I just a old lady, weary and frustrated. Every day I walk in the streets, as I see the young ladies, they always walk upright, and it seems like they just like steel pipes. The day I was sleeping in apartment, suddenly the telephone rang, it was my boss! So I got through the call, “What are you doing? You are late!”. “I late?” I crushed into the laboratory, I just wanted to wash my face and make me clear. Suddenly, steel pipeline came into my sight an I stared them for a long time, it stood like a soldier and transported water for us even though it rusted. I was totally touched, why couldn’t I be as strong as steel pipe was. Suddenly, I’m full of energy. Since then, I had worked hard and my boss and others had been impressed by me. Every time I met some trouble, I would think of the steel pipes as it will give me energy. Soon, I was on the top of my life and I was a successful man. I always think if there is no steel pipe in the world, maybe there is no successful me. If there is no steel pipe, we can’t do anything, the world will be gloomy. 

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