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Different types steel pipe with relative drive roll
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Different types steel pipe with relative drive roll

Update:2018-10-10   View(s):156   Keywords :ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Line Pipe   

If we use wrong type or size of drive roll during the steel pipe’s production, we may not get the high quality steel tube. For ERW steel pipe, there is the same situation. Then how can we avoid this situation?  


There are some notices should be remembered all the time once you enter into the steel pipe production industry.

First, flux-cored wires should be used with a knurled drive roll.

Second, solid wires should be used with a standard V drive roll.

What’s more, you should change types of wires in your machines if you have to change the flux-cored wires and solid wires out.

Thus, if you find yourself having to crank on the wire tension, it is a symptom of something else wrong with the process. It maybe the wrong drive roll, wrong drive roll size or clogging in the liner. Work the process, ensure we’re using the right drive rolls, and we’ll likely find the cause of our problem.