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Pipe for smoking or for music or for building construction
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Pipe for smoking or for music or for building construction

Update:2017-12-02   View(s):481   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, spiral welded pipe   

Words have magic power or you can say they are mysterious for us. For example, do you know the meaning of pipe in English? Sara can say that it is a stuff for my grandfather’s smoking; Sara can also say that it is a little thing for music using. Of course, Sara can even say that it is used in building construction! How? With the combination of spiral welded pipe, it would be applied in building project.


With the common meaning, all of us would think building construction when we talk the word “pipe”. however, in the same pipe, there are categories of seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe and SSAW steel pipe...which one would you like to choose? We, as professional manufacturer, would tell you when your answer is no!


Maybe you don’t know that you need pipe fitting as piling pipe is widely used in coastal, river, lake area. Offshore, deep water terminal project in the country have also been large-scale construction in coastal areas. Maybe you just need the steel pipe for usage by being used for low pressure liquid delivery, such as water, gas, and oil like the ERW steel pipe. Don’t worry, we will give you plan once you tell us your requirements for the steel pipe! 

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