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Role of preheating in ERW steel pipe production
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Role of preheating in ERW steel pipe production

Update:2017-12-01   View(s):488   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe   

Why do manufacturers of ERW steel pipe need the process of preheating for steel pipe's production? When do suppliers need to preheat before welding? Which preheating method would be the correct one? Read on.


Why? Preheating would be a crucial step in lots of welding applications as it would slow the rate of cooling in a finished weld. So this step could lower the amount of hydrogen in the ERW steel pipe and reduce the risk of cracking which would give us high quality product.

When? Right time with right place would give preheating the best results so that preheating also can be good for materials with a high-carbon equivalency. Manufacturers would choose the time of highly restrained weld joints to preheat. Of course, thick materials and base materials that tend to be more brittle is also an important time to preheat.


Once we get why we need the process of preheating and when to preheat, we would take the quality of the welded steel pipe in control and provide customers with high quality end product.