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Primary Uses for Piling Pipe
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Primary Uses for Piling Pipe

Update:2017-03-23   View(s):1545   Keywords :Piling Pipe,SSAW steel pipe,welded pipe,sawh steel pipe
In general, piling pipe are required in situations where the shallow soils are not strong enough to support loads from a new structure. Steel pipe piles are therefore used to transfer heavy loads from a building or structure to the stronger rock formations or solid soil layers that exist deep underground. Steel pipe piles are commonly used when building structures such as bridges, buildings, or docks on soft soils or near lake, river, or ocean shores.There are a number of types of pipe piling available including those that are made to be used as dock pilings. Additionally, there are a number of methods and techniques that can be used when installing steel pipe piles in a variety of situations.
Piling pipe are commonly used to create deep foundations for buildings, bridges, and other construction projects. Using steel pipe plies is recommended in a variety of types of situations in order to strengthen a foundation and improve the structural support of new construction. Piling pipe will transfer the structure load to rock formations or stronger soil deep below the surface. This creates a sound foundation for large structures and even in difficult building situations.
Special Situations Requiring Piling Pipe Use
There are a number of special building situations during which deep foundations using piling pipe are recommended over shallow foundations. One such reason is during situations where a building or structure will have a very large design or heavy load. Additionally, piling pipe are important when a construction project will take place where there exists very poor soil at shallow depths. Finally, site constraints, such as property line restrictions may also make the use of steel pipe piles necessary. In any of these situations, or any combination of these situations, construction teams may find it necessary to utilize piling pipe in order to create a deep and sturdy foundation.

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