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The Corrosion Scales Formed on API 5L in The Presence of CO2
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The Corrosion Scales Formed on API 5L in The Presence of CO2

Update:2017-03-23   View(s):1311   Keywords :API 5L steel pipe,welded pipe,ssaw steel pipe
The selection of materials for transport of oil and gas is not always made with sufficient emphasis on corrosion resistance, but rather on good mechanical properties, ease of fabrication and low cost. Due to the material loss rates resulting from internal corrosion, it becomes necessary to thoroughly characterize the behaviour (for example: CO2 corrosion behaviour at low partial pressure, under supercritical condition) of high strength steels which are used for oil and gas pipelines such as API 5L steel pipe X65, X70 and X80.
Well fluids and other products are transported in the oil and gas industry using pipelines. When such fluids contain an aqueous phase, they are considered to be inherently corrosive. CO2, also often present in such circumstances, is known for its high corrosive potential when dissolved in water. The above aspects have to be considered in order to adequately assess the integrity of the metals used in the oil and gas industry's production and transport equipment.

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