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Rainy season with prepared steel pipe
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Rainy season with prepared steel pipe

Update:2018-05-08   View(s):498   Keywords :SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe

As we all know that in south China, Spring and early Summer are the rainy season, there would be downpour in most of the days, or the storm follow after the typhoon. Under this situation, more steel pipes, from seamless steel pipe to SSAW steel pipe should be prepared for drainage system.


According to the news, On May 7, affected by the southwestern warm and humid airstream, the city of Xiamen was hit by heavy rain. Some townships and neighborhoods had experienced precipitation of more than 50 mm, accompanied by strong thunder and lightning storms of 6-8 levels, and there were multiple plots on the campus of Xiamen University. We should have rescue for the heavy rain. At the same time, huge diameter steel pipe like SSAW steel pipe would give help to the transmission work of lots of water. Under this situation, it is important to have steel pipes for drainage system.