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Seamless steel pipe production process
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Seamless steel pipe production process

Update:2019-06-05   View(s):214   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, hot rolled seamless pipe,smls pipe
Production process of seamless steel pipe: The seamlessness of steel pipe is mainly achieved by tension reduction. The tension reduction process is a continuous rolling process of hollow base metal without core rod. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the welding of the parent pipe, the pipe tension reduction process is to heat the whole welded pipe to 950 degrees Celsius or more, and then roll into various outer diameters and walls through a tension reducer (24 times of tension reducer). The thick finished pipe, the hot-rolled steel pipe produced by this process is essentially different from the ordinary high-frequency welded pipe. After heating by the heating furnace, the metallographic structure and mechanical properties of the weld bead and the parent body can be completely consistent. The rolling and automatic control of the tension reducer of the pass makes the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe (especially the roundness and wall thickness accuracy of the pipe) superior to that of the similar seamless pipe.