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Technological process for SSAW steel pipe
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Technological process for SSAW steel pipe

Update:2018-09-13   View(s):192   Keywords :SSAW steel pipe, welded steel pipe   

Each kind of steel tube would have flow diagram for how to make it. And for SSAW steel pipe, we should figure out the key point during the production process according to the picture.


From the picture below, we can see that it has similar production process with other types of steel tube. And the most three important steps during the whole production would be them. First of all, for welding slag cleaning, external checking, this would be called the first technical step for quality control of the SSAW steel pipe. The success of it would finally lead to the high quality for it. Then we would get into the step two of inside and outside welding for forming. This would decide the pipe's strength and pressure taking. What's more, automatic welding repairing, X-ray inspection and relative tests would give guarantee for the final product. 

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