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Tensile test in small diameter seamless steel pipe
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Tensile test in small diameter seamless steel pipe

Update:2017-11-08   View(s):1051   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Bamboo has incredible tensile strength, meaning that it can withstand significant amounts of stress and is comparable to steel's tensile strength. However, we still should take notice for small diameter seamless steel pipe when doing tensile test as it concerns the quality of the product.


There are four stages for tensile test during the whole seamless steel pipe's production. So manufacturers need to guarantee the test is going smoothly.


Elastic stage: manufacturer would do a simple test when products in sample stage. And the deformation at this time is quietly elastic with restore its original length.


Yield stage: quickly increasing for sample's elongation at this stage is a normal situation. While the range of the fluctuating for the testing machine is very small. Under this situation, this stage can be represented by a horizontal line segment on the drawing. If the sample is polished, the surface of the specimen will see a stripe about 45 ° in the direction of the axis, called the slip line.


Finally, we can see the strengthening stage and necking stage, fracture stage. We can pay high attention to all those four stages to make sure the best quality for the end product seamless steel pipe.

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