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Testing of steel strip for welded steel pipe
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Testing of steel strip for welded steel pipe

Update:2017-11-20   View(s):578   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

No doubt that welded steel pipe like ERW steel pipe, would be made by steel strip which gives more options for the diameter. However, we should figure out the importance of the steel pipe’s length and weight for welled steel pipe.


The squeezing force of the welded steel pipe would be reduce due to the width of the strip is less than the allowable error, which will cause the unsteady of the welded places, showing cracks or open places; Otherwise, too big than the allowable error, the pressure on squeeze would be added to the welded place, which is also showing the beak, lap welding or burrs too.

Therefore, the wavering of the width of the steel strip not only affects the accuracy of the outer diameter of the steel pipe, but also seriously affects the appearance quality of the steel pipe. We should have a test for the steel strip once we decide to use them to produce the steel pipes for water, oil or gas transportation.