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Water becomes air conditioner with help of various steel pipes
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Water becomes air conditioner with help of various steel pipes

Update:2017-11-20   View(s):695   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

The joke of I’m a wolf from north of China and now I’m a dog in south of China would be popular again in south of China nowadays as the cold weather is here in winter. However, with the improvement of technologies even just the upgrade of the seamless steel pipe, it is great as the water in river could become air conditioner in winter for customers.


How? Here is the magic moment, listening carefully. When the ambient temperature is 35 in summer, the temperature in Xiangjiang River is about 30 and the maximum temperature difference reaches 7 . Under this situation, we can use the Xiangjiang River's water as cooling system by special technology. On the other hand, when the outdoor temperature is 0 in winter, the temperature in the Xiangjiang River is about 9 . So we can use the hot water in Xiangjiang River by heating the water from it so that we can save energy. Of course, we would know that all these process cannot leave the steel pipes’ transportation of the water, the machines for transferring the heat and cold system. But we can handle all of these troubles with the improvement of technology.


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